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the gunman, paul ciancia said he acted alone. the airport in los angeles, what else are we learning about this young suspects planned? reporter: bill, we learned he is pre-much acting alone. that is when he was arrested at terminal 3 behind me on friday. a disturbing plan that seemingly he only knew about because one of his remit stroked him to the airport to talk about a flight other than the suspects say he had one. they didn't know where he was going to anything at all. his roommate say h they had no idea he would get out of the car and opened fire with intent on killing as many tsa agents as possible. as you might imagine, bill, right now the investigation continues to try to find out if there are any answers as to why or what sets this man off for you to bill: what is his status now? there were gruesome photos floating around the internet. >> he is in critical condition. he is sedated because he is trying to recover from his injuries. he was shot several times, in the phase as well, which is part of the reason why he has not spoken any longer to authorities. he is being watched very
help them in any way we can. martha: will carr is live in los angeles, home to the nation's largest filipino community. so, will, what are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, good morning, martha. people are telling us that even though it's been a couple of days, they are still panicking here. that's because there are more than hundreds of thousands of filipinos who live in los angeles, they all live more than 7,000 miles away from all of this devastation. many have not heard anything there their families since the storm hit, since the red cross has come out and said that they've ordered more than 10,000 body bags, many people here are fearing the worst. >> it's driving me crazy, if i may describe it that way, because my wife and my kids are back home. >> as for my family, we haven't heard from them since friday. >> reporter: and we've heard that from family after family over the past couple of days, martha. martha: it is so sad. your heartbreaks for them, and we hope they get some good news, and we know there are so many efforts underway here in the united states to help the peop
flag paying tribute to hernandez who was killed at the los angeles airport. martha: there are a froag number of lawmakers calling for secretary kathleen sebelius to resign over the botched obamacare rollout. watch this. >> i would like to ask you a simple true or false question. is that statement on the white house website true or is it false? >> sir, i think the statement is ... >> is it true or is it false? >> the vast majority of americans who are insured are in the employer market, are in public plans or veterans plans, and the -- those plans have stayed in place and continue to offer benefits. >> my time is limited so i will just ask that the record note that you have refused to answer my question whether it's true or false. martha: the issue whether you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it. he asked is that true or is that false and it's still on that website. i'm joined by ohio congressman charles grassley -- iowa, excuse me -- always good to have you with us. you were there during that hearing. that is the question, whether that was a lie. whether the american people wer
into action lifting the man to safety. well done. he's okay, only minor injuries there in los angeles. nice. martha: well, we mentioned earlier that president obama's now saying that he regrets telling millions of people that they could keep their health insurance. ins, ands or buts, many of them actually could not. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on ashiewrpses they got from me -- assurances they got from me. >> betty tatter was one who got that letter in the mail saying she could not keep her insurance plan. she was with us last week, and now she's back with an update. betsy, welcome back. thanks again for being with us today. >> thanks for having me, martha, i appreciate it. martha: you bet. what is your reaction to what the president said last night? >> well, i appreciate the aa polly. i mean, he needed to do that, and i appreciate that. but it doesn't give me an affordable policy. he talked a lot about how he was going to try and fix the web site and get things up and running, but i didn't hear anything about how he might fix the exorbitant prices
-raisers are being held as well. spirits were high in los angeles after 300 people took part in a fund-raising walk to raise money for the cause there were collections taken up at church services as well, amid reminders that a dollar in the philippines, bill, one dollar can feed a person 10 meals. monly obviously quite critical. bill: i imagine a lot of people want to make contact with their loved ones. they're still looking for their loved ones. can can you tell them or learning about that, claudia? >> you're right, bill. obviously the storm knocked out communications lines. in fact one local church member who was visiting the philippines still has not been heard from. he is the monsignor actually of a local church with about 50 filipino members. they have been trying to contact him through emails and social media but without any luck. many people haven't been able to track down their friends and their relatives because the typhoon knocked out all communication networks. one church member described how the storm ravaged her sister's home. >> their roof was snapped bock. so it is like flapping in,
plans like cedars-sinai in los angeles, the may oh clinic, the seattle children's hospital are not going to be part of most of these plans. that begs a big question here. is what we are going to end up with sort of a rich medical system and then the poor and middle class medical system and is that what the president had in mind here? >> yes, that was the unspoken secret about obamacare. it was designed to basically tax the middle class and redistribute that money to the poor in terms of expanding medicaid or getting people on bronze plans that are essentially from a. that was the whole point but they didn't say that. but instead they said everyone would be the winner, there would be no losers. middle class people who find it hard to pay for insurance they currently have are told you will have to pay for things you don't need to subsidize poor people. that's what liberalism is about. but they weren't honest about what they were pitching. they were saying everyone is going to come out of this on top and that wasn't true. martha: in terms of this system, like the system we see in england an
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6